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    • Improved early detection of ovarian cancer using longitudinal multimarker models 

      Whitwell, Harry J.; Worthington, Jenny; Blyuss, Oleg; Gentry-Maharaj, Aleksandra; Ryan, Andy; Gunu, Richard; Kalsi, Jatinderpal; Menon, Usha; Jacobs, Ian; Zaikin, Alexey; Timms, John F. (2020-03-17)
      Background: Ovarian cancer has a poor survival rate due to late diagnosis and improved methods are needed for its early detection. Our primary objective was to identify and incorporate additional biomarkers into longitudinal ...
    • Multi-marker longitudinal algorithms incorporating HE4 and CA125 in ovarian cancer screening of postmenopausal women 

      Gentry-Maharaj, Aleksandra; Blyuss, Oleg; Ryan, Andy; Burnell, Matthew; Karpinskyj, Chloe; Gunu, Richard; Kalsi, Jatinderpal K.; Dawnay, Anne; Marino, Ines P.; Manchanda, Ranjit; Lu, Karen; Yang, Wei Lei; Timms, John F.; Parmar, Max; Skates, Steven J.; Bast, Robert C.; Jacobs, Ian J.; Zaikin, Alexey; Menon, Usha (2020-07)
      Longitudinal CA125 algorithms are the current basis of ovarian cancer screening. We report on longitudinal algorithms incorporating multiple markers. In the multimodal arm of United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian ...