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    • Dust polarized emission observations of NGC 6334 : BISTRO reveals the details of the complex but organized magnetic field structure of the high-mass star-forming hub-filament network 

      BISTRO; Arzoumanian, D.; Furuya, R.; Hasegawa, T.; Tahani, M.; Sadavoy, S.; Hull, C. L. H.; Johnstone, D.; Koch, P. M.; Inutsuka, S. -i.; Doi, Y.; Hoang, T.; Onaka, T.; Iwasaki, K.; Shimajiri, Y.; Inoue, T.; Peretto, N.; André, P.; Bastien, P.; Berry, D.; Chen, H. -R. V.; Francesco, J. Di; Eswaraiah, C.; Fanciullo, L.; Fissel, L. M.; Hwang, J.; Kang, J. -h.; Kim, G.; Kim, K. -T.; Kirchschlager, F.; Kwon, W.; Liu, H. -L.; Lyo, A. -R.; Pattle, K.; Soam, A.; Tang, X.; Whitworth, A.; Ching, T. -C.; Coudé, S.; Ward-Thompson, D.; Lai, S. -P.; Qiu, K.; Bourke, T. L.; Byun, D. -Y.; Chen, M.; Chen, Z.; Cho, J.; Choi, Y.; Chrysostomou, A.; Gledhill, T.; Parsons, H. (2021-03-11)
      Context. Molecular filaments and hubs have received special attention recently thanks to new studies showing their key role in star formation. While the (column) density and velocity structures of both filaments and hubs ...