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    • ATLASGAL - environments of 6.7 GHz methanol masers 

      Urquhart, J.S.; Moore, T.J.T.; Schuller, F.; Wyrowski, F.; Menten, K. M.; Thompson, M. A.; Csengeri, T.; Walmsley, C.M.; Bronfman, L.; König, C. (2013-05-01)
      Using the 870 micron APEX Telescope large area survey of the Galaxy, we have identified 577 submillimetre continuum sources with masers from the methanol multibeam survey in the region 280deg lt ell lt 20deg; |b| lt 1deg.5 ...
    • ATLASGAL - towards a complete sample of massive star forming clumps 

      Urquhart, J.S.; Moore, T. J. T.; Csengeri, T.; Wyrowski, F.; Schuller, F.; Hoare, M.G.; Lumsden, S. L.; Mottram, J. C.; Thompson, M.A.; Menten, K. M.; Walmsley, C.M.; Bronfman, L.; Pfalzner, S.; König, C.; Wienen, M. (2014-09-11)
      By matching infrared-selected, massive young stellar objects (MYSOs) and compact HII regions in the Red MSX Source survey to massive clumps found in the submillimetre ATLASGAL (APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy) ...
    • ATLASGAL -- Relationship between dense star forming clumps and interstellar masers 

      Billington, S. J.; Urquhart, J. S.; König, C.; Beuther, H.; Breen, S. L.; Menten, K. M.; Campbell-White, J.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Thompson, M. A.; Moore, T. J. T.; Eden, D. J.; Kim, W. -J.; Leurini, S. (2020-09-29)
      We have used catalogues from several Galactic plane surveys and dedicated observations to investigate the relationship between various maser species and Galactic star forming clumps, as identified by the ATLASGAL survey. ...