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    • How we created an ultrasociety—six big questions answered 

      Mullins, Daniel Austin (2016-02-17)
      Professor Turchin’s Ultrasociety constructs a new theory to produce an explanatory account of human history. He explains why historical events (e.g., the fall of the Roman Empire) make sense given what we know about how ...
    • Seshat: The Global History Databank 

      Turchin, Peter; Brennan, Rob; Currie, Thomas E.; Feeney, Kevin C.; Francois, Pieter; Hoyer, Daniel; Manning, Joseph G.; Marciniak, Arkadiusz; Mullins, Daniel Austin; Palmisano, Alessio; Peregrine, Peter; Turner, Edward A. L.; Whitehouse, Harvey (2015)
      The vast amount of knowledge about past human societies has not been systematically organized and, therefore, remains inaccessible for empirically testing theories about cultural evolution and historical dynamics. For ...
    • What is Seshat: the Global History Databank? 

      Turchin, Peter; Currie, Thomas; Francois, Pieter; Manning, Joseph; Mullins, Daniel Austin; Sears, Brittany; Honick, Alan (2015-09)
      The Seshat: Global History Databank brings together the most current and comprehensive body of knowledge about human history in one place. This unique Databank systematically collects what is currently known about the ...
    • What is Seshat? 

      Francois, Pieter; Mullins, Daniel Austin; Sears, Brittany; Honick, Alan (2015-09)