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    • Concomitant CIS on TURBT does not impact oncological outcomes in patients treated with neoadjuvant or induction chemotherapy followed by radical cystectomy 

      Vasdev, N.; Zargar, H.; Noël, J. P.; Veeratterapillay, R.; Fairey, A. S.; Mertens, L. S.; Dinney, C. P.; Mir, M. C.; Krabbe, L. M.; Cookson, M. S.; Jacobsen, N. E.; Gandhi, N. M.; Griffin, J.; Montgomery, J. S.; Yu, E. Y.; Xylinas, E.; Campain, N. J.; Kassouf, W.; Dall’Era, M. A.; Seah, J. A.; Ercole, C. E.; Horenblas, S.; Sridhar, S. S.; McGrath, J. S.; Aning, J.; Shariat, S. F.; Wright, J. L.; Morgan, T. M.; Bivalacqua, T. J.; North, S.; Barocas, D. A.; Lotan, Y.; Grivas, P.; Stephenson, A. J.; Shah, J. B.; van Rhijn, B. W.; Daneshmand, S.; Spiess, P. E.; Holzbeierlein, J. M.; Thorpe, A.; Black, P. C. (2019-01-23)
      Background: Cisplatin-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) for muscle invasive bladder cancer improves all-cause and cancer specific survival. We aimed to evaluate whether the detection of carcinoma in situ (CIS) at the ...