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    • Priority research questions for the UK food system 

      Ingram, J.S.I; Wright, H.L.; Foster, L.; Aldred, T.; Barling, David; Benton, T.G.; Berryman, P.M.; Bestwick, C.S.; Bows-Larkin, A.; Brocklehurst, T.F.; Buttriss, J.; Casey, J.; Collins, H.; Crossley, D.S.; Dolan, C.S.; Dowler, E.; Edwards, R.; Finney, K.J; Fitzpatrick, J.L.; Fowler, M.; Garrett, D.A.; Godley, A.; Griffiths, W.; Houlston, E.J.; Kaiser, M.J.; Kennard, R.; Knox, J.W.; Kuyk, A.; Linter, B.R.; Macdiarmid, J.I.; Martindale, W.; Mathers, J.C.; McGonigle, D.F.; Mead, A.; Millar, S.J.; Miller, A.; Murray, C.; Norton, I.T.; Parry, S.; Pollicino, M.; Quested, T.E. (2013-10)
      The rise of food security up international political, societal and academic agendas has led to increasing interest in novel means of improving primary food production and reducing waste. There are however, also many ...