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    • Hygroscopic properties and extinction of aerosol particles at ambient relative humidity in South-Eastern China 

      Eichler, H.; Cheng, Y. F.; Birmili, W.; Nowak, A.; Wiedensohler, A.; Brüggemann, E.; Gnauk, T.; Herrmann, H.; Althausen, D.; Ansmann, A.; Engelmann, R.; Tesche, Matthias; Wendisch, M.; Zhang, Y. H.; Hu, M.; Liu, S.; Zeng, L. M. (2008-08)
      During the "Program of Regional Integrated Experiments of Air Quality over Pearl River Delta 2004 (PRIDE-PRD2004)" hygroscopic properties of particles in the diameter range 22 nm to 10 μ m were determined. For that purpose, ...