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    • A Genomic Regulatory Network for Development 

      Davidson, E.H.; Rast, J.P.; Oliveri, P.; Ransick, A.; Calestani, C.; Yuh, C.H.; Minokawa, T.; Amore, G.; Hinman, V.; Arenas-Mena, C.; Otim, A.; Brown, C.T.; Livi, C.B.; Lee, P.Y.; Revilla, R.; Rust, A.G.; Pan, Z.; Schilstra, M.; Clarke, P.J.C.; Arnone, M.I.; Rowen, L.; Cameron, R.A.; McClay, D.R.; Hood, L.; Bolouri, H. (2002)
      Development of the body plan is controlled by large networks of regulatory genes. A gene regulatory network that controls the specification of endoderm and mesoderm in the sea urchin embryo is summarized here. The network ...