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    • Study of the N=28 shell closure in the Ar isotopic chain : a SPIRAL experiment for nuclear astrophysics 

      Gaudefroy, L.; Sorlin, O.; Beaumel, D.; Blumenfeld, Y.; Dombradi, Z.; Fortier, S.; Franchoo, S.; Gelin, M.; Gibelin, J.; Grevy, S.; Hammache, F.; Ibrahim, F.; Kemper, K.; Kratz, K.L.; Lukyanov, S. M.; Monrozeau, C.; Nalpas, L.; Nowacki, F.; Ostrowski, A. N.; Penionzhkevich, Yu. -E.; Pollacco, E.; Roussel-Chomaz, P.; Rich, E.; Scarpaci, J. A.; Laurent, M. G. St.; Rauscher, T.; Sohler, D.; Stanoiu, M.; Tryggestad, E.; Verney, D. (2006-03)
      The structure of the neutron-rich nucleus (47)Ar has been investigated through the d((46)Ar,(47)Ar)p transfer reaction. The radioactive beam of (46)Ar at 10 A . MeV was provided by the SPIRAL facility at GANIL. The protons ...