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    • Champagne wine polyphenols protect primary cortical neurons against peroxynitrite-induced injury 

      Vauzour, David; Vafeiadou, Katerina; Corona, Giulia; Pollard, Susan E.; Tzounis, Xenofon; Spencer, Jeremy P. E. (2007-04-18)
      White wines are generally low in polyphenol content as compared to red wines. However, Champagne wines have been shown to contain relatively high amounts of phenolic acids that may exert protective cellular actions in vivo. ...
    • The reaction of flavonoid metabolites with peroxynitrite 

      Pollard, Susan E.; Kuhnle, Gunter G. C.; Vauzour, David; Vafeiadou, Katerina; Tzounis, Xenofon; Whiteman, Matthew; Rice-Evans, Catherine; Spencer, Jeremy P. E. (2006-12-01)
      There is much interest in the bioactivity of in vivo flavonoid metabolites. We report for the first time the hierarchy of reactivity of flavonoid metabolites with peroxynitrite and characterise novel reaction products. ...