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    • Cloning and functional expression of a human orthologue of the rat vanilloid receptor-1 

      Hayes, P.; Meadows, H.J.; Gunthorpe, M.J.; Harries, M.; Duckworth, M.; Cairns, W.; Harrison, D. C.; Ellington, K.; Prinjha, R.; Barton, A.; Medhurst, A.D.; Smith, G.D.; Topp, S.; Sanger, G.; Jenkins, O.; Benham, C.D.; Gloger, I.; Clarke, C. E.; Murdock, P.; Terrett, J.; Randall, A. D.; Gloger, I. S.; Davis, J. B. (2000-11-01)
      Capsaicin, resiniferatoxin, protons or heat have been shown to activate an ion channel, termed the rat vanilloid receptor-1 (rVR1), originally isolated by expression cloning for a capsaicin sensitive phenotype. Here we ...