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    • Measuring atmospheric composition change 

      Laj, P.; Klausen, J.; Bilde, M.; Plass-Duelmer, C.; Pappalardo, G.; Clerbaux, C.; Baltensperger, U.; Hjorth, J.; Simpson, D.; Reimann, S.; Coheur, P. -F.; Richter, A.; De Maziere, M.; Rudich, Y.; McFiggans, G. B.; Torseth, K.; Wiedensohler, A.; Morin, S.; Schulz, M.; Allan, J. D.; Attie, J.-L.; Barnes, I.; Birmili, W.; Cammas, J. P.; Dommen, J.; Dorn, H. -P.; Fowler, D.; Fuzzi, S.; Glasius, M.; Granier, C.; Hermann, M.; Isaksen, I. S. A.; Kinne, S.; Koren, I.; Madonna, F.; Maione, M.; Massling, A.; Moehler, O.; Mona, L.; Monks, P. S.; Mueller, D.; Mueller, T.; Orphal, J.; Peuch, V.H.; Stratmann, F.; Tanre, D.; Tyndall, G.; Riziq, A. Abo; Van Roozendael, M.; Villani, P.; Wehner, B.; Wex, H.; Zardini, A. A. (2009-10)
      Scientific findings from the last decades have clearly highlighted the need for a more comprehensive approach to atmospheric change processes. In fact, observation of atmospheric composition variables has been an important ...
    • Surface roughness during depositional growth and sublimation of ice crystals 

      Chou, Cedric; Voigtländer, Jens; Ulanowski, Zbigniew; Herenz, Paul; Bieligk, Henner; Clauss, Tina; Niedermeier, Dennis; Hartmann, Susan; Ritter, Georg; Stratmann, F. (2018-09-27)
      Ice surface properties can modify the scattering properties of atmospheric ice crystals and therefore affect the radiative properties of mixed-phase and cirrus clouds. The Ice Roughness Investigation System (IRIS) is a new ...