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    • 6Li/7Li estimates for metal-poor stars 

      Garcia Perez, A.E.; Aoki, W.; Inoue, S.; Ryan, Sean G.; Suzuki, T.K.; Chiba, M. (2009-09)
      Context. The presence of the lithium-6 isotope in some metal-poor stars is a matter of surprise because of the high values observed. Non-standard models of Big Bang nucleosynthesis and pre-Galactic cosmic ray fusion and ...
    • Abundances and Evolution of Lithium in the Galactic Halo and Disk 

      Ryan, Sean G.; Kajino, T.; Beers, T.C.; Suzuki, T.K.; Romano, D.; Matteucci, F.; Rosolankova, K. (2001-03)
      We have measured the Li abundance of 18 stars with [2[[Fe/H][[1 and 6000[Teff[6400 K, a parameter range that was poorly represented in previous studies. We examine the Galactic chemical evolution (GCE) of this element, ...
    • A low upper-limit on the lithium isotope ratio in HD140283 

      Aoki, W.; Inoue, S.; Kawanomoto, S.; Ryan, Sean G.; Smith, I.M.; Suzuki, T.K.; Takada-Hidai, M. (2004-12)