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    • 2MASS 0213+3648 C: : A wide T3 benchmark companion to an an active, old M dwarf binary 

      Deacon, N. R.; Magnier, E. A.; Liu, Michael C.; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Aller, Kimberly M.; Best, William M. J.; Bowler, Brendan P.; Burgett, W. S.; Chambers, K. C.; Draper, P. W.; Flewelling, H.; Hodapp, K. W.; Kaiser, N.; Metcalfe, N.; Sweeney, W. E.; Wainscoat, R. J.; Waters, C. (2017-05-01)
      We present the discovery of a 360 AU separation T3 companion to the tight (3.1 AU) M4.5+M6.5 binary 2MASS J02132062+3648506. This companion was identified using Pan-STARRS1 data and, despite its relative proximity to the ...