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    • The size evolution of passive galaxies : observations from the Wide-Field Camera 3 Early Release Science program 

      Ryan Jr., R.E.; McCarthy, P.J.; Cohen, S.H.; Rutkowski, M.J.; Mechtley, M.R.; Windhorst, R.A.; Yan, H.; Hathi, N.P.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Bond, H.E.; Bushouse, H.; MacKenty, J.; Mutchler, M.; Whitmore, B.C.; O'Connell, R.W.; Balick, B.; Calzetti, D.; Crockett, R.M.; Kaviraj, S.; Silk, J.I.; Disney, M.; Dopita, M.A.; Frogel, J.A.; Hall, D.N.B.; Holtzman, J. A.; Kimble, R.A.; Paresce, F.; Saha, A.; Trauger, J.; Walker, A.R.; Young, E. (2012-04-10)
      We present the size evolution of passively evolving galaxies at z 2 identified in Wide-Field Camera 3 imaging from the Early Release Science program. Our sample was constructed using an analog to the passive BzK galaxy ...