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    • In-depth study of moderately young but extremely red, very dusty substellar companion HD206893B 

      Delorme, P.; Schmidt, T.; Bonnefoy, M.; Desidera, S.; Ginski, C.; Charnay, B.; Lazzoni, C.; Christiaens, V.; Messina, S.; D'Orazi, V.; Milli, J.; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Gratton, R.G.; Rodet, L.; Lagrange, A-M; Absil, O.; Vigan, A.; Galicher, R.; Hagelberg, J.; Bonavita, Mariangela; Lavie, B.; Zurlo, A; Olofsson, J.; Boccaletti, A.; Cantalloube, F.; Mouillet, D.; Chauvin, G.; Hambsch, F. -J.; Langlois, M.; Udry, S.; Henning, Th; Beuzit, J-L; Mordasini, Christoph; Lucas, P.; Marocco, F.; Biller, B.; Carson, J.; Cheetham, A.; Covino, E.; Caprio, V. De; Delboulbe, A.; Feld, M.; Girard, J.H.V.; Hubin, N.; Maire, A-L; Pavlov, A.; Petit, C.; Rouan, D.; Roelfsema, R.; Wildi, F. (2017-12-08)
      The substellar companion HD206893b has recently been discovered by direct imaging of its disc-bearing host star with the SPHERE instrument. We investigate the atypical properties of the companion, which has the reddest ...
    • Radial-velocity fitting challenge : II. First results of the analysis of the data set 

      Dumusque, X.; Borsa, F.; Damasso, M.; Díaz, R. F.; Gregory, P. C.; Hara, N. C.; Hatzes, A.; Rajpaul, V.; Tuomi, Mikko; Aigrain, S.; Anglada-Escudé, G.; Bonomo, A. S.; Boué, G.; Dauvergne, F.; Frustagli, G.; Giacobbe, P.; Haywood, R. D.; Jones, Hugh; Laskar, J.; Pinamonti, M.; Poretti, E.; Rainer, M.; Ségransan, D.; Sozzetti, A.; Udry, S. (2017-02-14)
      Context. Radial-velocity (RV) signals arising from stellar photospheric phenomena are the main limitation for precise RV measurements. Those signals induce RV variations an order of magnitude larger than the signal created ...