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    • Mass measurements of neutron-deficient Y, Zr, and Nb isotopes and their impact on rp and νp nucleosynthesis processes 

      Xing, Y. M.; Li, K. A.; Zhang, Y. H.; Zhou, X. H.; Wang, M.; Litvinov, Yu A.; Blaum, K.; Wanajo, S.; Kubono, S.; Martínez-Pinedo, G.; Sieverding, A.; Chen, R. J.; Shuai, P.; Fu, C. Y.; Yan, X. L.; Huang, W. J.; Xu, X.; Tang, X. D.; Xu, H. S.; Bao, T.; Chen, X. C.; Gao, B. S.; He, J. J.; Lam, Y. H.; Li, H. F.; Liu, J. H.; Ma, X. W.; Mao, R. S.; Si, M.; Sun, M. Z.; Tu, X. L.; Wang, Q.; Yang, J. C.; Yuan, Y. J.; Zeng, Q.; Zhang, P.; Zhou, X.; Zhan, W. L.; Litvinov, S.; Audi, G.; Uesaka, T.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Yamaguchi, T.; Ozawa, A.; Fröhlich, C.; Rauscher, T.; Thielemann, F. K.; Sun, B. H.; Sun, Y.; Dai, A. C.; Xu, F. R. (2018-06-10)
      Using isochronous mass spectrometry at the experimental storage ring CSRe in Lanzhou, the masses of 82Zr and 84Nb were measured for the first time with an uncertainty of ∼10 keV, and the masses of 79Y, 81Zr, and 83Nb were ...