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    • PARK2 Depletion Connects Energy and Oxidative Stress to PI3K/Akt Activation via PTEN S-Nitrosylation 

      Gupta, Amit; Anjomani-Virmouni, Sara; Koundouros, Nikos; Dimitriadi, Maria; Choo-Wing, Rayman; Valle, Adamo; Zheng, Yuxiang; Chiu, Yu-Hsin; Agnihotri, Sameer; Zadeh, Gelareh; Asara, John M; Anastasiou, Dimitrios; Arends, Mark J; Cantley, Lewis C; Poulogiannis, George (2017-03-16)
      PARK2 is a gene implicated in disease states with opposing responses in cell fate determination, yet its contribution in pro-survival signaling is largely unknown. Here we show that PARK2 is altered in over a third of all ...