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    • A High Resolution Radio Survey of Class I Protostars 

      Lucas, P.W.; M. Blundell, Katherine; F. Roche, P. (2000-10-20)
      We report the results of a survey of low mass Class I protostars in the cm continuum. In the initial survey, seven sources in the Taurus star formation were observed with the VLA at 0``.25 resolution. All seven sources ...
    • A Population of very young Brown Dwarfs and free-floating Planets in Orion 

      Lucas, P.W.; F. Roche, P. (2000-03-06)
      We describe the results of a very deep imaging survey of the Trapezium Cluster in the IJH bands, using the UKIRT high resolution camera UFTI. Approximately 32% of the 515 point sources detected are brown dwarf candidates, ...