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    • The VVV Infrared Variability Catalog (VIVA-I) 

      Lopes, C. E. Ferreira; Cross, N. J. G.; Catelan, M.; Minniti, D.; Hempel, M.; Lucas, P. W.; Angeloni, R.; Jablonsky, F.; Braga, V. F.; Leao, I. C.; Herpich, F. R.; Alonso-Garcia, J.; Papageorgiou, A.; Pichara, K.; Saito, R. K.; Bradley, A.; Beamin, J. C.; Cortes, C.; Medeiros, J. R. De; Russell, Christopher M. P. (2020-08)
      Thanks to the VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) ESO Public Survey it is now possible to explore a large number of objects in those regions. This paper addresses the variability analysis of all VVV point sources having ...