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    • ALMA unveils widespread molecular gas clumps in the ram pressure stripped tail of the Norma jellyfish galaxy 

      Jachym, Pavel; Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.; Sun, Ming; Combes, Francoise; Cortese, Luca; Scott, Tom C.; Sivanandam, Suresh; Brinks, Elias; Roediger, Elke; Palous, Jan; Fumagalli, Michele (2019-10-01)
      We present the first high-resolution map of the cold molecular gas distribution, as traced by CO(2-1) emission with ALMA, in a prominent ram pressure stripped tail. The Norma cluster galaxy ESO 137-001 is undergoing a ...
    • The ram pressure stripped radio tails of galaxies in the Coma cluster 

      Chen, Hao; Sun, Ming; Yagi, Masafumi; Bravo-Alfaro, Hector; Brinks, Elias; Kenney, Jeffrey; Combes, Francoise; Sivanandam, Suresh; Jachym, Pavel; Fossati, Matteo; Gavazzi, Giuseppe; Boselli, Alessandro; Nulsen, Paul; Sarazin, Craig; Ge, Chong; Yoshida, Michitoshi; Roediger, Elke (2020-08)
      Previous studies have revealed a population of galaxies in galaxy clusters with ram pressure stripped (RPS) tails of gas and embedded young stars. We observed 1.4 GHz continuum and HI emission with the Very Large Array in ...