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    • An ALMA Survey of Submillimeter Galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South : Spectroscopic Redshifts 

      Danielson, A. L. R.; Swinbank, A.~M.; Smail, Ian; Simpson, J. M.; M. Casey, C.; Chapman, S.~C.; Cunha, Elisabete da; Hodge, J. A.; Walter, F.; Wardlow, J. L.; Alexander, D. M.; Brandt, W.N.; De Breuck, C.; Coppin, K. E.K.; Dannerbauer, H.; Dickinson, M.; Edge, A. C.; Gawiser, E.; Ivison, R. J.; Karim, A.; Kovacs, A.; Lutz, D.; Menten, K.~M.; Schinnerer, E.; Weiß, A.; van der Werf, P. (2017-05-10)
      We present spectroscopic redshifts of S870 μm ≳ 2 mJy submillimeter galaxies (SMGs), which have been identified from the ALMA follow-up observations of 870 μm detected sources in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South (the ...
    • Molecular Gas in Submillimetre-Faint, Star-Forming Ultraluminous Galaxies at z>1 

      M. Casey, C.; C. Chapman, S.; Neri, R.; Bertoldi, F.; Smail, I.; Coppin, Kristen; R. Greve, T.; S. Bothwell, M.; J. Beswick, R.; W. Blain, A.; Cox, P.; Genzel, R.; W. B. Muxlow, T.; Omont, A.; M. Swinbank, A. (2011)
      [abridged] We present interferometric CO observations of twelve z~2 submillimetre-faint, star-forming radio galaxies (SFRGs) which are thought to be ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs) possibly dominated by warmer ...