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    • JINGLE - IV. Dust, HI gas and metal scaling laws in the local Universe 

      Looze, I. De; Lamperti, I.; Saintonge, A.; Relano, M.; Smith, M. W. L.; Clark, C. J. R.; Wilson, C. D.; Decleir, M.; Jones, A. P.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Accurso, G.; Brinks, E.; Bureau, M.; Cigan, P.; Clements, D. L.; Vis, P. De; Fanciullo, L; Gao, Y.; Gear, W. K.; Ho, L. C.; Hwang, H. S.; Michalowski, M. J.; Lee, J. C.; Li, C.; Lin, L.; Liu, T.; Lomaeva, M.; Pan, H. -A.; Sargent, M.; Williams, T.; Xiao, T.; Zhu, M. (2020-06-02)
      Scaling laws of dust, H i gas and metal mass with stellar mass, specific star formation rate and metallicity are crucial to our understanding of the buildup of galaxies through their enrichment with metals and dust. In ...