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dc.contributor.authorGyurky, Gy.
dc.contributor.authorElekes, Z.
dc.contributor.authorKiss, G. G.
dc.contributor.authorFulop, Zs.
dc.contributor.authorSomorjai, E.
dc.contributor.authorMate, Z.
dc.contributor.authorGoerres, J.
dc.contributor.authorPalumbo, A.
dc.contributor.authorWiescher, A.
dc.contributor.authorLee, H.Y.
dc.contributor.authorOzkan, N.
dc.contributor.authorGuray, R. T.
dc.contributor.authorEfe, G.
dc.contributor.authorGalaviz, D.
dc.contributor.authorKretschmer, A.
dc.contributor.authorSonnabend, K.
dc.contributor.authorZilges, A.
dc.contributor.authorRauscher, T.
dc.contributor.editorWoehr, A.
dc.contributor.editorAprahamian, A.
dc.identifier.citationGyurky , G , Elekes , Z , Kiss , G G , Fulop , Z , Somorjai , E , Mate , Z , Goerres , J , Palumbo , A , Wiescher , A , Lee , H Y , Ozkan , N , Guray , R T , Efe , G , Galaviz , D , Kretschmer , A , Sonnabend , K , Zilges , A & Rauscher , T 2006 , Radiative capture reactions and alpha-elastic scattering on Cd-106 for the astrophysical p-process . in A Woehr & A Aprahamian (eds) , Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics . AIP Conf Procs , vol. 819 , American Institute of Physics , pp. 201-205 , 12th International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics , Notre Dame , India , 4/09/05 .
dc.identifier.otherPURE: 1627635
dc.identifier.otherPURE UUID: aa5bcfb6-9c40-404f-9825-687461dee709
dc.identifier.otherWOS: 000236907100033
dc.identifier.otherScopus: 33751241757
dc.description.abstractIn the present work both the (alpha,gamma) and (p,gamma) cross sections on the p-nucleus Cd-106 have been measured in the energy range relevant to the astrophysical p-process. The results are compared with the predictions of the statistical model calculations implemented with the NON-SMOKER code using different input parameters. The proton capture cross section has also been measured for Cd-108.The alpha + Cd-106 optical potential, an important input parameter for the Cd-106(alpha,gamma) reaction rate determination, can be determined directly by measuring the deviation from the Rutherford scattering in the Cd-106(alpha,alpha)Cd-106 elastic scattering experiment. This experiment has also been performed in a wide angular range and the results are compared with different global optical potentials.en
dc.publisherAmerican Institute of Physics
dc.relation.ispartofCapture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics
dc.relation.ispartofseriesAIP Conf Procs
dc.subjectoptical potential
dc.subjectstatistical model calculations
dc.subjectastrophysical p-process
dc.subjectcapture reactions
dc.titleRadiative capture reactions and alpha-elastic scattering on Cd-106 for the astrophysical p-processen
dc.contributor.institutionSchool of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics
dc.contributor.institutionScience & Technology Research Institute
dc.contributor.institutionCentre for Astrophysics Research

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