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    • Chasing discs around O-type (proto)stars : Evidence from ALMA observations 

      Cesaroni, R.; Sánchez-Monge, A.; Beltrán, M.~T.; Johnston, K. G.; Maud, L. T.; Moscadelli, Luca; Mottram, J.~C.; Ahmadi, A.; Allen, V.; Beuther, H.; Csengeri, T.; Etoka, S.; Fuller, G. A.; Galli, D.; Galván-Madrid, R.; Goddi, C.; Henning, Th; Hoare, M.G.; Klaassen, P.~D.; Kuiper, R.; Kumar, M. S.N.; Lumsden, S.; Peters, T.J.; Rivilla, Victor M.; Schilke, P.; Testi, L.; van der Tak, F.F.S.; Vig, S.; Walmsley, C.M.; Zinnecker, H. (2017-06-13)
      Context. Circumstellar discs around massive stars could mediate the accretion onto the star from the infalling envelope, and could minimize the effects of radiation pressure. Despite such a crucial role, only a few convincing ...
    • The feedback of an HC H II region on its parental molecular core : The case of core A1 in the star-forming region G24.78+0.08 

      Moscadelli, L.; Rivilla, V. M.; Cesaroni, R.; Beltrán, M. T.; Sánchez-Monge, A.; Schilke, P.; Mottram, J. C.; Ahmadi, A.; Allen, V.; Beuther, H.; Csengeri, T.; Etoka, S.; Galli, D.; Goddi, C.; Johnston, K. G.; Klaassen, P. D.; Kuiper, R.; Kumar, M. S.N.; Maud, L. T.; Möller, T.; Peters, T.; Van Der Tak, F.; Vig, S. (2018-08-01)
      Context. G24.78+0.08 is a well known high-mass star-forming region, where several molecular cores harboring OB young stellar objects are found inside a clump of size 1 pc. This article focuses on the most prominent of these ...
    • STARBENCH: the D-type expansion of an H II region 

      Bisbas, T.~G.; Haworth, T.~J.; Williams, R.~J.~R.; Mackey, J.; Tremblin, P.; Raga, A.~C.; Arthur, S.~J.; Baczynski, C.; Frostholm, T.; Geen, S.; Haugbølle, T.; Hubber, D.; Iliev, I.~T.; Kuiper, R.; Rosdahl, J.; Sullivan, D.; Walch, S.; Wünsch, R.; Dale, James (2015-10-21)
      STARBENCH is a project focused on benchmarking and validating different star formation and stellar feedback codes. In this first STARBENCH paper we perform a comparison study of the D-type expansion of an H II region. The ...