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    • The phagocytic capacity of neurones 

      Bowen, Samantha; Ateh, Davidson D.; Deinhardt, Katrin; Bird, Margaret M.; Price, Karen M.; Baker, Cathy S.; Robson, Joanna C.; Swash, Michael; Shamsuddin, Wassim; Kawar, Shalini; El-Tawil, Tariq; Roos, Jesper; Hoyle, Andrew; Nickols, Carole D.; Knowles, Charles H.; Pullen, Anthony H.; Luthert, Phillip J.; Weller, Roy O.; Hafezparast, Majid; Franklin, Robin J. M.; Revesz, Tamas; King, Rosalind H. M.; Berninghausen, Otto; Fisher, Elizabeth M. C.; Schiavo, Giampietro; Martin, Joanne E. (2007-05)
      Phagocytosis is defined as the ingestion of particulates over 0.5 microm in diameter and is associated with cells of the immune system such as macrophages or monocytes. Neurones are not generally recognized to be phagocytic. ...