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    • Retrieval of atmospheric properties of cloudy L dwarfs 

      Burningham, Ben; Marley, Mark S.; Line, Michael R.; Lupu, Roxana; Visscher, Channon; Morley, Caroline V.; Saumon, Didier; Freedman, Richard (2017-09-01)
      We present the first results from applying the spectral inversion technique in the cloudy L dwarf regime. Our new framework provides a flexible approach to modelling cloud opacity which can be built incrementally as the ...
    • Uniform Atmospheric Retrieval Analysis of Ultracool Dwarfs II : Properties of 11 T-dwarfs 

      Line, Michael R.; Marley, Mark S.; Liu, Michael C.; Burningham, Ben; Morley, Caroline V.; Hinkel, Natalie R.; Teske, Johanna; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Lupu, Roxana; Freedman, Richard (2017-10-20)
      Brown dwarf spectra are rich in information revealing of the chemical and physical processes operating in their atmospheres. We apply a recently developed atmospheric retrieval tool to an ensemble of late T-dwarf (600-800K) ...