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    • Avoiding future Famines : Strengthening the Ecological Foundation of Food Security through Sustainable Food Systems 

      Alder, J.; Barling, David; Dugan, P.; Herren, H. R.; Josupeit, H.; Lang, T.; Lele, U.; McClennen, C.; Murphy-Bokem, D.; Scherr, S.; Willmann, R.; Uphoff, N. (United Nations Environment Programme, 2012)
      A UNEP Synthesis Report
    • Avoiding high ozone pollution in Delhi, India 

      Chen, Ying; Beig, Gufran; Archer-Nicholls, Scott; Drysdale, Will; Acton, Joe; Lowe, Doug; Nelson, Beth S; Lee, James D; Ran, Liang; Wang, Yu; Wu, Zhijun; Sahu, Saroj Kumar; Sokhi, Ranjeet S; Singh, Vikas; Gadi, Ranu; Hewitt, C. N.; Nemitz, Eiko; Archibald, Alex; McFiggins, Gordon; Wild, Oliver (2020-08-06)
      Surface ozone is a major pollutant threatening public health, agricultural production and natural ecosystems. While measures to improve air quality in megacities such as Delhi are typically aimed at reducing levels of ...
    • Avoiding plagiarism in academic writing 

      Anderson, I. (2009)
      Plagiarism means taking the work of another and presenting it as one’s own, resulting in potential upset for the original author and disrepute for the professions involved. This article aims to explore the issue of plagiarism ...
    • Avoiding the uncanny valley : robot appearance, personality and consistency of behavior in an attention-seeking home scenario for a robot companion 

      Walters, M.L.; Syrdal, D.S.; Dautenhahn, K.; Te Boekhorst, R.; Koay, K.L. (2008)
      This article presents the results of video-based Human Robot Interaction (HRI) trials which investigated people’s perceptions of different robot appearances and associated attention-seeking features and behaviors displayed ...
    • Avoiding timing anomalies using code transformations 

      Kadlec, A.; Kirner, Raimund; Puschner, P. (IEEE, 2010)
      Divide-and-conquer approaches to worst-case execution-time analysis (WCET analysis) pose a safety risk when applied to code for complex modern processors: Interferences between the hardware acceleration mechanisms of these ...
    • Avoiding timing problems in real-time software 

      Puschner, P.; Kirner, Raimund (IEEE, 2003)
      To safely establish the correct timing of a real-time processing node, adequate architectural structures have to be used. This refers to the hardware architecture of the processing node as well as the software architecture ...
    • Awakening the unconscious : mind the attainment gap 

      D'Alton-Harrison, Rita (2013-10)
      This discussion paper summarises recent UK research into the attainment gap between UK domiciled white students and those from other ethnicities who are also domiciled in the UK. The paper discusses how universities might ...
    • Awards, honours and prizes : 'a cultural value stock exchange' for media producers and audiences 

      Walden, Kim (2014-03-20)
      In The Field of Cultural of Production, Pierre Bourdieu asserts that a work is not made once, or twice even, but by everybody who is interested in it and this would certainly seem to be true of awards, honours and prizes. ...
    • AWARE-AWAreness during REsuscitation-A prospective study 

      Parnia, Sam; Spearpoint, Ken; de Vos, Gabriele; Fenwick, Peter; Goldberg, Diana; Yang, Jie; Zhu, Jiawen; Baker, Katie; Killingback, Hayley; McLean, Paula; Wood, Melanie; Zafari, A. Maziar; Dickert, Neal; Beisteiner, Roland; Sterz, Fritz; Berger, Michael; Warlow, Celia; Bullock, Siobhan; Lovett, Salli; McPara, Russell Metcalfe Smith; Marti-Navarette, Sandra; Cushing, Pam; Wills, Paul; Harris, Kayla; Sutton, Jenny; Walmsley, Anthony; Deakin, Charles D.; Little, Paul; Farber, Mark; Greyson, Bruce; Schoenfeld, Elinor R. (2014-12-01)
      Background: Cardiac arrest (CA) survivors experience cognitive deficits including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is unclear whether these are related to cognitive/mental experiences and awareness during CPR. ...
    • Awareness of everyday executive difficulties precede overt executive dysfunction in schizotypal subjects 

      Laws, K.R.; Patel, D.D.; Tyson, P. J. (2008)
      Much evidence indicates that schizophrenic patients exhibit deficits on tests of executive functioning. It is therefore hypo- 10 thesized that individuals with high schizotypal personality traits that may have a predisposition ...
    • Axion emission and detection from a galactic supernova 

      Carenza, Pierluca; Co, Giampaolo; Fischer, Tobias; Giannotti, Maurizio; Mirizzi, Alessandro; Rauscher, Thomas (Verlag Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, 2019)
      A Galactic supernova (SN) axion signal would be detected in a future neutrino Mtonclass water Cherenkov detector, such as the proposed Hyper-Kamiokande in Japan. The main detection channel for axions is absorption on the ...
    • Axions and the cooling of white dwarf stars 

      Isern, J.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Torres, S.; Catalan, Silvia (2008-08-01)
      White dwarfs are the end product of the lives of intermediate- and low-mass stars and their evolution is described as a simple cooling process. Recently, it has been possible to determine with an unprecedented precision ...
    • Axions and the white dwarf luminosity function 

      Isern, J.; Catalan, Silvia; Garcia-Berro, E.; Torres, S. (2009)
      The evolution of white dwarfs can be described as a simple cooling process. Recently, it has been possible to determine with an unprecedented precision their luminosity function, that is, the number of stars per unit volume ...
    • Axisymmetry in protoplanetary nebulae - II : A near-infrared imaging polarimetric survey 

      Gledhill, T. (2005)
      In an imaging polarimetry survey of candidate post-AGB stars, scattering envelopes are detected around 20 objects. These envelopes represent the final mass-loss phases at the end of the AGB. In all cases, evidence for ...
    • Axisymmetry in protoplanetary nebulae: using imaging polarimetry to investigate envelope structure 

      Gledhill, T.; Chrysostomou, A.; Hough, J.; Yates, J.A. (2001-04)
      We use ground-based imaging polarimetry to detect and image the dusty circumstellar envelopes of a sample of proto-planetary nebulae (PPNe) at near-infrared wavelengths. This technique allows the scattered light from the ...
    • Az elektronikus prevenció lehetőségei az új (szintetikus) drogok használatának megelőzésében : a Rekreációs Drogok Európai Hálózatának (Recreational Drugs European Network) bemutatása 

      Demetrovics, Zsolt; Mervo, Barbara; Corazza, Ornella; Davey, Zoe; Deluca, Paolo; Drummond, C.; Enea, Aurora; Moskalewicz, Jacek; Di Melchiorre, G.; Di Furia, Lucia; Flesland, Liv; Floridi, Luciano; Iszaj, F.; Scherbaum, Norbert; Siemann, Holger; Skutle, Arvid; Torrens, Marta; Pasinetti, Manuela; Pezzolesi, Cinzia; Pisarska, Agnieszka; Shapiro, Harry; Sferrazza, Elias; van der Kreeft, Peer; Schifano, Fabrizio (2010)
    • Azimuthal variations of gas-phase oxygen abundance in NGC 2997 

      Ho, I-Ting; Meidt, Sharon E.; Kudritzki, Rolf-Peter; Groves, Brent A.; Seibert, Mark; Madore, Barry F.; Schinnerer, Eva; Rich, Jeffrey A.; Kobayashi, Chiaki; Kewley, Lisa J. (2018-10-15)
      The azimuthal variation of the HII region oxygen abundance in spiral galaxies is a key observable for understanding how quickly oxygen produced by massive stars can be dispersed within the surrounding interstellar medium. ...
    • Azithromycin : An assessment of its pharmacokinetics and therapeutic potential in CAPD 

      Kent, J.R.; Almond, Michael K.; Dhillon, S. (2001)
      ◆ Background: Azithromycin is an azalide antibiotic with a similar antibacterial spectrum to erythromycin but with greater gram-negative activity. Azithromycin displays a favorable pharmacokinetic profile, with improved ...
    • Azole sensitivity in Leptosphaeria pathogens of oilseed rape: the role of lanosterol 14α-demethylase 

      Sewell, Thomas; J Hawkins, Nichola; Stotz, Henrik; Huang, Yongju; L Kelly, Steven; E Kelly, Diane; Fraaije, Bart; Fitt, Bruce (2017-11-20)
      Lanosterol 14-α demethy lase is a key enzyme intermediating the biosynthesis of ergosterol in fungi, and the target of azole fungicides. Studies have suggested that Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa, the causal ...