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    • British Feature Films and the Early Cold War 

      Shaw, Tony (Macmillan, 1998)
    • British Football Programmes 

      Purcell, Kerry William (2007)
    • British Literature of World War I 

      Maunder, Andrew; Smith, Angela K.; Potter, Jane; Tate, Trudi; Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Research Institute; School of Humanities; English Literature and Creative Writing; English Literature (Pickering and Chatto, 2011-02)
      Given the popular and scholarly interest in the First World War it is surprising how little contemporary literary work is available. This 5 volume anthology aims to redress this balance, making available a collection of ...
    • British newsreels and the plight of European Jews, 1933-1945 

      Szczetnikowicz, Susan H. (University of Hertfordshire, 2006)
      This dissertation is an investigation into what the British newsreels told the public about the plight of German and European Jews, between January 1933) and the end of 1945. Nazi persecution of the Jews is a subject ...
    • British pharmaceuticals : a cautionary tale 

      Froud, J.; Haslam, Colin; Johal, Sukhdev; Williams, Karel; Willis, Robert (1998-11-01)
      British pharmaceuticals is generally represented as a successful sector which illustrates the potential of knowledge-intensive, high-value-added activities. this article presents a revisionist account based on evidence and ...
    • The British Popular Press and the Early Cold War 

      Shaw, Tony (1998-01)
      Britain's role during the early years of the cold war has come under intense scrutiny in the past decade. As a result, it is now known that London rather than Washington played the leading part in forcing the pace towards ...
    • The British Short Story 

      Maunder, Andrew; Liggins, Emma; Robbins, Ruth (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)
      The short story remains a crucial - if neglected - part of British literary heritage. This accessible and up-to-date critical overview maps out the main strands and figures that shaped the British short story and novella ...
    • British Theatre and the Great War, 1914-1919 : New Perspectives 

      Maunder, Andrew (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015-08-03)
    • The Broadbalk long-term experiment at Rothamsted : what has it told us about weeds? 

      Moss, S.; Storkey, J.; Cussans, John W.; Perryman, S.A.M.; Hewitt, M.V. (2004)
      The Broadbalk experiment was started in 1843 to investigate the relative importance of different plant nutrients (N, P, K, Na, Mg) on grain yield of winter wheat. Weeds were controlled initially by hand hoeing and fallowing, ...
    • Broadband observations of the naked-eye gamma-ray burst GRB 080319B 

      Racusin, J.L.; Karpov, S.V.; Sokolowski, M.; Granot, J. (2008)
      Long duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) release copious amounts of energy across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and so provide a window into the process of black hole formation from the collapse of a massive star. Over ...
    • Broadband Spectral Modeling of the Extreme Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum Radio Source PKS B0008-421 

      Callingham, J. R.; Gaensler, B. M.; Ekers, R. D.; Tingay, S. J.; Wayth, R. B.; Morgan, J.; Bernardi, G.; Bell, M. E.; Bhat, R.; Bowman, J. D.; Briggs, F.; Cappallo, R. J.; Deshpande, A. A.; Ewall-Wice, A.; Feng, L.; Greenhill, L. J.; Hazelton, B. J.; Hindson, L.; Hurley-Walker, N.; Jacobs, D. C.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.; Kaplan, D. L.; Kudrayavtseva, N.; Lenc, E.; Lonsdale, C. J.; McKinley, B.; McWhirter, S. R.; Mitchell, D. A.; Morales, M. F.; Morgan, E.; Oberoi, D.; Offringa, A. R.; Ord, S. M.; Pindor, B.; Prabu, T.; Procopio, P.; Riding, J.; Srivani, K. S.; Subrahmanyan, R.; Shankar, N. Udaya; Webster, R. L.; Williams, A.; Williams, C. L. (2015-08-20)
      We present broadband observations and spectral modeling of PKS B0008-421, and identify it as an extreme gigahertz-peaked spectrum (GPS) source. PKS B0008-421 is characterized by the steepest known spectral slope below the ...
    • Broadening assessment criteria and student awareness 

      Lindley, Julian; Adams, Richard (2013-12-01)
      We all know the need for society and designers to create a balanced or sustainable future. That is to meet demands of all stakeholders, whether they fall into the economic arena, environmental concerns or a cultural or ...
    • Broadening options for long-term dialysis in the elderly (BOLDE) : differences in quality of life on peritoneal dialysis compared to haemodialysis for older patients 

      Brown, E.A.; Johansson, L.; Farrington, Ken; Gallagher, H.; Sensky, T.; Gordon, F.; Da Silva Gane, M.; Beckett, N.; Hickson, M. (2010)
      Background. Health-related quality of life (QOL) is an important outcome for older people who are often on dialysis for life. Little is, however, known about differences in QOL on haemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis ...

      Williams, Julia; Newton, A.; Talbot, John; Skedgel, Chris; Herbland, Anthony; Skinner, Annie; Mikrut, T; Willmore, Ian; Jones, Kathy (National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services, 2017-01-31)
      What is this report about? This report, commissioned by the National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services (NJC), aims to identify what impact, if any, firefighters can have on the delivery of emergency ...
    • de Broglie wavelength reduction for a multiphoton wavepacket 

      Steuernagel, O. (2002)
      An experiment is proposed that permits the observation of the reduced de Broglie wavelengths of two and four-photon wave packets using present technology. It is suggested to use a Mach-Zehnder setup and feed both input ...
    • The Broom's Barn sugar beet growth model and its adaptation to soils with varied available water content 

      Qi, Aiming; Kenter, C.; Hoffmann, C.; Jaggard, K. W. (2005-09)
      The important environmental variables that determine sugar beet growth and yield are: temperature, radiation, rainfall, potential evapotranspiration and soil available water capacity (AWC). It is important to understand ...
    • The Broom’s Barn sugar beet growth model and its use to describe yield variability 

      Qi, Aiming; Kenter, C.; Hoffmann, C.; Jaggard, K. W. (IIRB, 2003)
    • The Broom’s Barn sugar beet growth model and its uses 

      Jaggard, K. W.; Qi, Aiming (2007)
    • Brown dwarf companions to white dwarfs 

      Burleigh, Matt R.; Steele, Paul R.; Dobbie, Paul D.; Farihi, Jay; Napiwotzki, Ralf; Maxted, Pierre F. L.; Barstow, Martin A.; Jameson, Richard F.; Casewell, Sarah L.; Gaensicke, Boris T.; Marsh, Tom R. (American Institute of Physics, 2011)
      Brown dwarf companions to white dwarfs are rare, but recent infra-red surveys are slowly revealing examples. We present new observations of the post-common envelope binary WD0137-349, which reveals the effects of irradiation ...