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    • R and D 

      Vinnicombe, Simon (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016-09-23)
    • R gene-mediated resistance in Brassica napus that limits asexual sporulation but allows sexual sporulation by Pyrenopeziza brassicae (light leaf spot) 

      Boys, Emily F.; West, Jon S.; Werner, C. Peter; King, Graham J.; Dyer, Paul S.; Fitt, Bruce D.L. (2013-08)
      The phenotype of a form of Brassica napus (oilseed rape) R gene-mediated resistance against the hemibiotrophic plant pathogen Pyrenopeziza brassicae, cause of light leaf spot, was investigated. Using a doubled haploid B. ...
    • The r-, p-, and nu p-Process 

      Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Dillmann, I.; Farouqi, K.; Fischer, T.; Froehlich, C.; Kelic-Heil, A.; Korneev, I.; Kratz, K.L.; Langanke, K.; Liebendoerfer, M.; Panov, I. V.; Martinez-Pinedo, G.; Rauscher, T. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2010)
      The processes discussed in this review are three of the four nucleosynthesis processes involved in producing heavy nuclei beyond Fe (not counting the rp-process in Xray bursts). Opposite to the fourth process (the s-process), ...
    • R-matrix analysis of Cl neutron cross sections up to 1.2 MeV 

      Sayer, R. O.; Guber, K. H.; Leal, L. C.; Larson, N. M.; Rauscher, T. (2006-04)
      We have analyzed and evaluated Cl-35, Cl-37, and Cl-nat neutron cross section data in the resolved resonance region with the multilevel Reich-Moore R-matrix formalism. Energies and widths were determined for 388 resonances ...
    • The r-process : Supernovae and other sources of the heaviest elements 

      Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Mocelj, D.; Panov, I.; Kolbe, E.; Rauscher, T.; Kratz, K.L.; Farouqi, K.; Pfeiffer, B.; Martinez-Pinedo, Gabriel; Kelic, A.; Langanke, K.; Schmidt, K. -H.; Zinner, N. (2007-05)
      Rapid neutron capture in stellar explosions is responsible for the heaviest elements in nature, up to Th, U and beyond. This nucleosynthesis process, the r-process, is unique in the sense that a combination of nuclear ...
    • R-Process elements from magnetorotational hypernovae 

      Yong, D.; Kobayashi, C.; Costa, G. S. Da; Bessell, M. S.; Chiti, A.; Frebel, A.; Lind, K.; Mackey, A. D.; Nordlander, T.; Asplund, M.; Casey, A. R.; Marino, A. F.; Murphy, S. J.; Schmidt, B. P. (2021-07-08)
      Neutron-star mergers were recently confirmed as sites of rapid-neutron-capture (r-process) nucleosynthesis 1–3. However, in Galactic chemical evolution models, neutron-star mergers alone cannot reproduce the observed element ...
    • The r-process in supernovae 

      Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Argast, D.; Mocelj, D.; Rauscher, T.; Cowan, J.J.; Kratz, K.L.; Pfeiffer, B. (World Scientific Publishing, 2004-09)
      This introductory review aims at understanding r-process nucleosynthesis by addressing the issues involved, nuclear properties, necessary environment conditions, properties of different suggested r-process sites, observational ...
    • The r-process in the high entropy bubble 

      Freiburghaus, C.; Rauscher, T.; Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl; Kratz, K.L.; Pfeiffer, B. (1997-08-04)
    • R.C. Sherriff's Journey's End : GCSE Student Guide 

      Maunder, Andrew (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016-04-07)
      Written as a guide for Key Stage 4 students, this GSCE Guide to Journey's End offers a critical commentary on the play and analysis of themes, characters, contexts and critical reception.
    • RA-LPEL: A Resource-Aware Light-Weight Parallel Execution Layer for Reactive Stream Processing Networks on The SCC Many-core Tiled Architecture 

      Karavadara, Nilesh (2016-07-26)
      In computing the available computing power has continuously fallen short of the demanded computing performance. As a consequence, performance improvement has been the main focus of processor design. However, due to the ...
    • The race structure of Leptosphaeria maculans (phoma stem canker) in the United Kingdom 

      Huang, Yongju; Mitrousia, Georgia; Fitt, Bruce D.L. (INRAE, 2012-10)
      Phoma stem canker (Leptosphaeria maculans) is the main disease problem on winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in the UK, causing losses of > £100M p.a., despite use of fungicides. Two types of resistance to L. maculans ...
    • Racemic 9,10-dimethoxy-3-methyl-6-phenyl-7,7a-dihydrobenzo[b]benzo[4,5]isothiazolo[2,3-d][1,4]diazepine 12,12-dioxide 

      Bassin, J.P.; Shah, V.P.; Martin, L.; Horton, P.N. (2011)
      There are two molecules in the asymmetric unit of the title compound, C24H22N2O4S. The conformation of the seven-membered ring is twisted boat for both molecules. The molecule is chiral, but crystal symmetry generates a ...
    • Radial distribution of gas and dust in spiral galaxies : the case of M 99 (NGC 4254) and M 100 (NGC 4321) 

      Pohlen, M.; Cortese, L.; Smith, M. W. L.; Eales, S. A.; Boselli, A.; Bendo, G. J.; Gomez, H. L.; Papageorgiou, A.; Auld, R.; Baes, M.; Bock, J. J.; Bradford, M.; Buat, V.; Castro-Rodriguez, N.; Chanial, P.; Charlot, S.; Ciesla, L.; Clements, D. L.; Cooray, A.; Cormier, D.; Dwek, E.; Eales, S. A.; Elbaz, D.; Galametz, M.; Galliano, F.; Gear, W. K.; Glenn, J.; Griffin, M.; Hony, S.; Isaak, K. G.; Levenson, L. R.; Lu, N.; Madden, S.; O'Halloran, B.; Okumura, K.; Oliver, S.; Page, M. J.; Panuzzo, P.; Parkin, T. J.; Perez-Fournon, I.; Rangwala, N.; Rigby, E. E.; Roussel, H.; Rykala, A.; Sacchi, N.; Sauvage, M.; Schulz, B.; Schirm, M. R. P.; Smith, M. W. L.; Spinoglio, L.; Stevens, Jason; Srinivasan, S.; Symeonidis, M.; Trichas, M.; Vaccari, M.; Vigroux, L.; Wilson, C. D.; Wozniak, H.; Wright, G. S.; Zeilinger, W. W. (2010-07-01)
      By combining Herschel-SPIRE data with archival Spitzer, H i , and CO maps, we investigate the spatial distribution of gas and dust in the two famous grand-design spirals M 99 and M 100 in the Virgo cluster. Thanks to the ...
    • Radial velocity studies of cool stars 

      Jones, H.R.A.; Barnes, J.R.; Tuomi, Mikko; Jenkins, James S.; Anglada-Escude, Guillem (2014-04-28)
      Our current view of exoplanets is one derived primarily from solar-like stars with a strong focus on understanding our Solar System. Our knowledge about the properties of exoplanets around the dominant stellar population ...
    • A radial velocity study of the companion to the central star of Abell 35 

      Gatti, A.A.; Drew, J.E.; Lumsden, S.; Marsh, T.R.; Moran, C.; Stetson, P. (1997)
      We report the results of a radial velocity study of BD - 22.3467 deg (LW Hya), the cool companion to the subdwarf central star of the planetary nebula Abell 35. Estimates for its radial velocity have been obtained by cross ...
    • Radial Velocity Variable sdO/Bs from SPY - Preliminary Orbits of Three New Short Period Binaries 

      Geier, S.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2008)
      We present new results from follow-up time-resolved spectroscopy of radial velocity variable hot subdwarfs from the SPY project. Medium resolu- tion spectra were taken at the ESO NTT. Preliminary orbital solutions are ...
    • Radial-velocity fitting challenge : II. First results of the analysis of the data set 

      Dumusque, X.; Borsa, F.; Damasso, M.; Díaz, R. F.; Gregory, P. C.; Hara, N. C.; Hatzes, A.; Rajpaul, V.; Tuomi, Mikko; Aigrain, S.; Anglada-Escudé, G.; Bonomo, A. S.; Boué, G.; Dauvergne, F.; Frustagli, G.; Giacobbe, P.; Haywood, R. D.; Jones, Hugh; Laskar, J.; Pinamonti, M.; Poretti, E.; Rainer, M.; Ségransan, D.; Sozzetti, A.; Udry, S. (2017-02-14)
      Context. Radial-velocity (RV) signals arising from stellar photospheric phenomena are the main limitation for precise RV measurements. Those signals induce RV variations an order of magnitude larger than the signal created ...
    • Radiation feedback on dusty clouds during Seyfert activity 

      Schartmann, M.; Krause, Martin; Burkert, A. (2011-07-21)
      We investigate the evolution of dusty gas clouds falling into the centre of an active Seyfert nucleus. 2D high-resolution radiation hydrodynamics simulations are performed to study the fate of single clouds and the interaction ...
    • Radiation-driven accretion disk winds 

      Drew, J.E.; Proga, D. (2000)
      The concept of an ‘effective' Eddington limit as a lower bound on the system luminosity required for mass loss to be radiation pressure driven is discussed and shown to fall in the interesting regime for high-state ...
    • A radiation-driven disc wind model for massive young stellar objects 

      Drew, J.E.; Proga, D.; Stone, J.M. (1998)
      A radiation-driven disk wind model is proposed that offers great promise of explaining the extreme mass loss signatures of massive young stellar objects (the BN-type objects and more luminous Herbig Be stars). It is argued ...