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    • Ghana TRIPS Over the TRIPS Agreement on Plant Breeders' Rights 

      Manu, Thaddeus (2017-07)
      The premise under which the global IP system is validated has often focused on a traditional materialistic approach. While this seems to find legitimate support in economic reasoning, such a fundamental view also appears ...
    • Ghosts 

      Davies, Owen (Routledge, 2017-06-16)
    • Ghosts : A Social History 

      Davies, Owen; Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Research Institute; School of Humanities; History; Centre for Regional and Local History (Pickering and Chatto, 2010)
      Despite the scientific and intellectual advances of the past five hundred years, populist belief in the supernatural, as evidenced by media investigations into the paranormal, continues to be culturally and socially relevant. ...
    • Ghosts and sparse properties : why physicalists have more to fear from ghosts than zombies 

      Goff, P. (2010)
      Zombies are bodies without minds: creatures that are physically identical to actual human beings, but which have no conscious experience. Much of the consciousness literature concerns how threatening philosophical reflection ...
    • The ghosts of the past : 20 years after the fall of communism in Europe 

      Rabikowska, M. (2009-06)
      Twenty years after the fall of communism in Europe, the post-Soviet countries have not achieved a similar stage of democratic development. They have shown to be too diverse and historically too independent to follow one ...
    • The giant flare from SGR 1806-20 and its radio afterglow 

      Taylor, G.B.; Granot, J. (2006)
    • Giant lobes of Centaurus A radio galaxy observed with the Suzaku X-ray satellite 

      Stawarz, L.; Tanaka, Y. T.; Madejski, G.; O'Sullivan, S. P.; Cheung, C. C.; Feain, I.J.; Fukazawa, Y.; Gandhi, P.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Kataoka, J.; Ostrowski, M.; Reville, B.; Siemiginowska, A.; Simionescu, A.; Takahashi, T.; Takei, Y.; Takeuchi, Y.; Werner, N. (2013-03-20)
      We report on Suzaku observations of selected regions within the southern giant lobe of the radio galaxy Centaurus A. In our analysis we focus on distinct X-ray features detected with the X-ray Imaging Spectrometer within ...
    • Giant Molecular Clouds in the Early-type Galaxy NGC 4526 

      Utomo, D.; Blitz, L.; Davis, T.; Rosolowsky, E.; Bureau, M.; Cappellari, M.; Sarzi, M. (2015-04-01)
      We present a high spatial resolution (≈20 pc) of 12CO(2 −1) observations of the lenticular galaxy NGC 4526. We identify 103 resolved giant molecular clouds (GMCs) and measure their properties: size R, velocity dispersion ...
    • A giant y-ray flare from the magnetar SGR 1806-20 

      Palmer, D.M.; Barthelmy, S.; Gehrels, N.; Kippen, R.M.; Cayton, T.; Kouveliotou, C.; Eichler, D.; Wijers, R.A.M.J.; Woods, P.M.; Granot, J.; Lyubarsky, Y.E.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Barbier, L.; Chester, M.; Cummings, J.; Fenimore, E.E.; Finger, M.H.; Gaensler, B.M.; Hullinger, D.; Krimm, H.; Markwardt, C.B.; Nousek, J.A.; Parsons, A.; Patel, S.K.; Sakamoto, T.; Sato, G.; Suzuki, M.; Tueller, J. (2005)
    • Gibberellin as a factor in floral regulatory networks 

      Hedden, Peter; Mutasa-Gottgens, Euphemia (2009)
      Gibberellins (GAs) function not only to promote the growth of plant organs, but also to induce phase transitions during development. Their involvement in flower initiation in long-day (LD) and biennial plants is well ...
    • Gibellina cerealis, an unusual pathogen of wheat 

      Glynne, M.D.; Fitt, Bruce D.L.; Hornby, D. (1985)
      The numbers of wheat plants infected by Gibellina cerealis in a long-term wheat and fallow experiment were recorded annually from 1935 to 1978. Infected plants were few in number and generally widely separated. Overall, ...
    • Gimme shelter 

      Proust, Antoine (2015-10-29)
      Article in the "Architecture Today" magazine: "Inform"
    • Giving cognition a helping hand : The effect of congruent gestures on object name retrieval 

      Pine, Karen; Reeves, L. M.; Howlett, Neil; Fletcher, Ben (2013-02)
      The gestures that accompany speech are more than just arbitrary hand movements or communicative devices. They are simulated actions that can both prime and facilitate speech and cognition. This study measured participants’ ...
    • Giving physical significance to the Hi-GAL data : determining the distance of cold dusty cores in the Milky Way 

      Russeil, D.; Pestalozzi, M.; Mottram, J.C.; Bontemps, S.; Anderson, L.D.; Zavagno, A.; Beltran, M.T.; Bally, J.; Brand, J.; Brunt, C.; Cesaroni, R.; Joncas, G.; Marshall, D.; Martin, P.; Massi, F.; Molinari, S.; Moore, T.J.T.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Olmi, L.; Thompson, M.A.; Wienen, M.; Wyrowski, F. (2011)
      Context: Hi-GAL, an open time key-project of the Herschel satellite, was awarded 343 hours observing time to carry out a 5-band photometric imaging survey at 70, 160, 250, 350, and 500 mu m of a vertical bar b vertical bar ...
    • Giving reverse differentiation a helping hand 

      Christianson, B.; Davies, A.; Dixon, Laurence; Roy, R.; van der Zee, P. (1997)
      Reverse automatic differentiation provides a very low bound on the operations count for calculating a gradient of a scalar function in n dimensions but suffers from a high storage requirement. In this paper we will show ...
    • Giving Students the Third Degree: Using Authentic Assessment Techniques in Extra & Co-Curricular Activities (ECCAs) to Improve Teaching Standards on Academic Law Programmes 

      Berger, Dan; Wild, Charles (2015-10-06)
      Authentic assessments are closely aligned with activities that take place in real work settings, as distinct from the often artificial constructs of university courses. The undergraduate law degree differs from many other ...
    • Giving the 'dear self' its due : Kierkegaard, Frankfurt and self-love 

      Lippitt, John (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015-10-22)
      In her highly critical account of Harry Frankfurt's account of self-love (in this volume), Sylvia Walsh presents Kierkegaard’s Christian view as a corrective to Frankfurt’s naturalistic account. Walsh criticises Frankfurt ...
    • GJ 832c : A super-earth in the habitable zone 

      Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Tuomi, Mikko; Butler, R. P.; Jones, Hugh; Anglada-Escudé, Guillem; Horner, Jonathan; Tinney, C. G.; Marshall, J. P.; Carter, B. D.; Bailey, J.; Salter, G. S.; O'Toole, S. J.; Wright, D.; Crane, J. D.; Schectman, S. A.; Arriagada, P.; Thompson, I.; Minniti, D.; Jenkins, J. S.; Diaz, M. (2014-08-05)
      We report the detection of GJ 832c, a super-Earth orbiting near the inner edge of the habitable zone of GJ 832, an M dwarf previously known to host a Jupiter analog in a nearly circular 9.4 yr orbit. The combination of ...
    • GLACE survey: OSIRIS/GTC tuneable filter H$ imaging of the rich galaxy cluster ZwCl 0024.0+1652 at z = 0.395. I. Survey presentation, TF data reduction techniques, and catalogue 

      Sánchez-Portal, M.; Pintos-Castro, I.; Pérez-Martínez, R.; Cepa, J.; Pérez García, A.~M.; Domínguez-Sánchez, H.; Bongiovanni, A.; Serra, A.~L.; Alfaro, E.; Altieri, B.; Aragón-Salamanca, A.; Balkowski, C.; Biviano, A.; Bremer, M.; Castander, F.; Castañeda, H.; Castro-Rodríguez, N.; Chies-Santos, A.~L.; Coia, D.; Diaferio, A.; Duc, P.~A.; Ederoclite, A.; Geach, J.; González-Serrano, I.; Haines, C.~P.; McBreen, B.; Metcalfe, L.; Oteo, I.; Pérez-Fournón, I.; Poggianti, B.; Polednikova, J.; Ramón-Pérez, M.; Rodríguez-Espinosa, J.~M.; Santos, J.~S.; Smail, I.; Smith, G.~P.; Temporin, S.; Valtchanov, I. (2015-06-01)
      The cores of clusters at 0 ≲ z ≲ 1 are dominated by quiescent early-type galaxies, whereas the field is dominated by star-forming late-type galaxies. Clusters grow through the accretion of galaxies and groups from the ...
    • Glacial Geomorphological map of the central Southern Uplands, Scotland. 

      Pearce, Danielle; Rea, Brice; Bradwell, Tom; McDougall, Derek (2014-07-03)
      The Quaternary glacial history of the Tweedsmuir Hills, Central Southern Uplands, Scotland, has received little attention since the 1980s, with earlier studies focussing on single lines of geomorphic evidence in isolated ...