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    • Wigner flow reveals topological order in quantum phase space dynamics 

      Steuernagel, Ole; Kakofengitis, Dimitris; Ritter, Georg (2013-01)
      The behaviour of classical mechanical systems is characterised by their phase portraits, the collections of their trajectories. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle precludes the existence of sharply defned trajectories, ...
    • Wigner's quantum phase space current in weakly anharmonic weakly excited two-state systems 

      Kakofengitis, Dimitris; Steuernagel, Ole (2017-09-30)
      There are no phase-space trajectories for anharmonic quantum systems, but Wigner’s phase-space representation of quantum mechanics features Wigner current J . This current reveals fine details of quantum dynamics – finer ...
    • Wigner's representation of quantum mechanics in integral form and its applications 

      Kakofengitis, Dimitris; Oliva, Maxime; Steuernagel, Ole (2017-02-27)
      We consider quantum phase space dynamics using the Wigner representation of quantum mechanics. We stress the usefulness of the integral form for the description of Wigner's phase space current~$\bm J$ as an alternative to ...
    • Wiki-based process framework for blended learning 

      Cubric, Marija (ACM Press, 2007)
      With few exceptions, currently published research on the educational use of wikis does not include how the learning activities should be shaped, planned or enforced in a wiki [11]. In this paper we aim to fill that gap by ...
    • Wiki-supported collaborative learning 

      Cubric, Marija (Nova Science Publishers, 2011)
      The aim of this chapter is to increase the understanding of how wikis can be used effectively to support collaborative learning in the context of higher education, and in particular, 1) To identify the relevant theories ...
    • The Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology 

      Winter, David; Reed, Nick; School of Life and Medical Sciences; Department of Psychology; Health & Human Sciences Research Institute; Psychology; Health and Clinical Psychology group; Applied and Practice-based Research; Behavioural Change in Health and Business (Wiley Blackwell, 2015-11-13)
      Covers personal construct psychology and its philosophy; methodology; society and culture; clinical applications; educational applications; organizational applications; and new horizons. Each of these sections begins with ...
    • Wilfred Sellars, perceptual consciousness and theories of attention 

      Coates, Paul (2004)
      The problem of the richness of visual experience is that of finding principled grounds for claims about how much of the world a person actually sees at any given moment. It is argued that there are suggestive parallels ...
    • Wilkie Collins : A Literary Life 

      Law, Graham; Maunder, Andrew (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008)
      This new biography focuses on the career of the popular Victorian novelist Wilkie Collins (1824-89) and provides a new account of his professional life in the literary world of nineteenth-century Britain. It draws on ...
    • Will IMP Save The World? : Reflections on the role of networks in sustainable marketing 

      Catulli, Maurizio (2009)
      Purpose of the paper and literature addressed – This paper is a conceptual paper that builds on Ryan et al (2008) proposition that the IMP perspective supports the creation of a Sustainable Marketing framework. The author ...
    • Wind Shielding Analysis for Cold Regions Using Experimental and Numerical Techniques 

      Xu, Yizhong (2016-08-16)
      The thesis presents a systematic experimental and numerical study on the interactions among porous fence, airflow, and windblown snowdrifts, a knowledge that will contribute to optimize the performance of porous wind ...
    • Windfalls, Wealth and the Transition to Self-Employment 

      Georgellis, Y.; Sessions, J.; Tsitsianis, N. (2005)
    • Windwinder 

      Lockhart Nelson, Simeon (2015-08-15)
      Invited Shortlist Proposal for Melbourne Airport Sculpture Commission - Client:Australia Pacific Airports; Budget: $1,000,000 aud; Art Consultants: Creative Road. This sculpture proposal was a sequence of towers or spires ...
    • Winged Learning, Fontaniva : C+S “The Kite” 

      Carta, Silvio (2014-06-30)
    • Wintertime Stable Boundary-Layer Processes in Alpine Valleys 

      Arduini, Gabriele (2018-02-01)
      Alpine valleys are rarely closed systems, implying that the atmospheric boundary layer of a particular valley section is influenced by the surrounding terrain and large-scale flows. A detailed characterisation and ...
    • Wired in the Country 

      Huws, Ursula (1999-11-25)
    • Wireless Convergence over Next Generation OFDMA-PONs 

      Milosavljevic, Milos; Kourtessis, Pandelis; Senior, J.M. (Optical Society of America (OSA), 2011)
      This paper demonstrates the feasibility of optical/wireless convergence based on DoF propagation. Network modelling results confirm the transmission of 16 CPRI signals up to 100km OFDMA-PON infrastructures achieving 40 ...
    • Wireless Sensor Networks in Support of E-Health Applications 

      Yu, Longsheng (2016-08-04)
      Nowadays, with the smart device developing and life quality improving, people’s requirement of real-time, fast, accurate and smart health service has been increased. As the technology advances, E-Health Care concept has ...
    • Wireless-PONs with Extended Wavelength Band Overlay 

      Milosavljevic, Milos; Kourtessis, Pandelis; Senior, J.M. (Optical Society of America (OSA), 2010)
      An advanced architectural platform based on wireless-enabled PON topologies is described. Network modelling of WiMAX channel transmission, based on FDM, over a multi-wavelength, splitter-based PON has demonstrated EVMs ...