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    • A multisensor-based system for manufacturing process monitoring 

      Hu, W.; Starr, A.; Leung, A. (2001)
    • Multisensory integration and attention in developmental dyslexia 

      Harrar, Vanessa; Tammam, Jonathan; Perez-Bellido, Alex; Pitt, Anna; Stein, John; Spence, Charles (Elsevier, 2014-02-13)
      Developmental dyslexia affects 5%-10% of the population, resulting in poor spelling and reading skills. While there are well-documented differences in the way dyslexics process low-level visual and auditory stimuli, it is ...
    • Multistandard analogue baseband filters for software-defined and cognitive radio receivers 

      Sun, Yichuang; Moritz, James; Zhu, Xi (2011)
      Analogue baseband filters are an important circuit for channel select and anti-aliasing in wireless and mobile communication systems. For software and cognitive radio, they must be widely tunable and reconfigurable to ...
    • Multivariable control of a grid-connected wind energy conversion system with power quality enhancement 

      Kaddour, Fouad; Merabet Boulouiha, Houari; Allali, Ahmed; Tabti, Ali; Denai, Mouloud (2018-02-01)
      This paper proposes the design of a multivariable robust control strategy for a variable-speed WECS based on a SCIG. Optimal speed control of the SCIG is achieved by a conventional PI controller combined with a MPPT strategy. ...
    • Multivariable Robust Control of a Turbogenerator 

      Bouhamida, Mohamed; Denai, Mouloud (1998)
    • Multivariable Robust Power Stabiliser Design Based on H_infinity 

      Bouhamida, Mohamed; Denai, Mouloud (2000)
    • Multivariate analysis of the Fugl-Meyer outcome measures assessing the effectiveness of GENTLE/S robot-mediated stroke therapy 

      Amirabdollahian, Farshid; Loureiro, Rui; Gradwell, Elizabeth; Collin, Christine; Harwin, William; Johnson, Garth (2007)
      Robot-mediated therapies offer entirely new approaches to neurorehabilitation. In this paper we present the results obtained from trialling the GENTLE/S neurorehabilitation system assessed using the upper limb section of ...
    • Multiwaveband polarimetric observations of 15 active galactic nuclei at high frequencies: correlated polarization behaviour 

      Jorstad, S.G.; Marscher, A.P.; Stevens, J. A.; Smith, P.S.; Forster, J.R.; Gear, W.K.; Cawthorne, T.V.; Lister, M.; Stirling, A.M.; Gomez, J-L.; Greaves, J.S.; Robson, E.I. (2007)
    • Multiwavelength Observations of a Dramatic High-Energy Flare in the Blazar 3C 279 

      Wehrle, A. E.; Pian, E.; Urry, C.M.; Maraschi, L.; McHardy, I.M.; Lawson, A.J.; Ghisellini, G.; Hartman, R.C.; Madejski, G.M.; Makino, F.; Marscher, A.P.; Wagner, S.J.; Webb, J.R.; Aldering, G.S.; Aller, M.F.; Aller, H.D.; Backman, D.E.; Balonek, T.J.; Boltwood, P.; Bonnell, J.; Caplinger, J.; Celotti, A.; Collmar, W.; Dalton, J.; Drucker, A.; Falomo, R.; Fichtel, C.E.; Freudling, W.; Gear, W.K.; Gonzalez-Perez, N.; Hall, P.; Inoue, H.; Johnson, W.N.; Kazanas, D.; Kidger, M.R.; Kii, T.; Kollgaard, R.I.; Kondo, Y.; Kurfess, J.; Lin, Y.C.; McCollum, B.; McNaron-Brown, K.; Nagase, F.; Nair, A.D.; Penton, S.; Pesce, J.E.; Pohl, M.; Raiteri, C.M.; Renda, M.; Robson, E.I.; Sambruna, R.M.; Schirmer, A.F.; Shrader, C.; Sikora, M.; Sillanpaeae, A.; Smith, P.S.; Stevens, Jason; Stocke, J.; Takalo, L.O.; Teraesranta, H.; Thompson, D.J.; Thompson, R.; Tornikoski, M.; Tosti, G.; Treves, A.; Turcotte, P.; Unwin, S.C.; Valtaoja, E.; Villata, M.; Xu, W.; Yamashita, A.; Zook, A. (1998-04-01)
      The blazar 3C 279, one of the brightest identified extragalactic objects in the γ-ray sky, underwent a large (factor of ~10 in amplitude) flare in γ-rays toward the end of a 3 week pointing by Compton Gamma Ray Observatory ...
    • Multiwavelength Observations of Markarian 421 During a TeV/X-Ray Flare 

      Macomb, D.J.; Akerlof, C.; Aller, H. D.; Aller, M. F.; Bertsch, D. L.; Bruhweiler, F.; Buckley, J.H.; Carter-Lewis, D.A.; Cawley, M.F.; Cheng, K.-P.; Dermer, C.; Fegan, D.J.; Gaidos, J.A.; Gear, W.K.; Hall, C.R.; Hartman, R.C.; Hillas, A.M.; Kafatos, M.; Kerrick, A.D.; Kniffen, D.A.; Kondo, Y.; Kubo, H.; Lamb, R.C.; Makino, F.; Makishima, K.; Marscher, A.; McEnery, J.; McHardy, I.M.; Meyer, D.I.; Moore, E.M.; Ramos, E.; Robson, E.I.; Rose, H.J.; Schubnell, M.S.; Sembroski, G.; Stevens, Jason; Takahashi, T.; Tashiro, M.; Weekes, T.C.; Wilson, C.; Zweerink, J. (1995-08-01)
      A TeV flare from the BL Lac object Mrk 421 was detected in May of 1994 by the Whipple Observatory air Cherenkov experiment during which the flux above 250 GeV increased by nearly an order of magnitude over a 2-day period. ...
    • Multiwavelength observations of the February 1996 high-energy flare in the blazar 3C 279 

      Wehrle, A. E.; Pian, E.; Urry, C.M.; Maraschi, L.; Ghisellini, G.; Hartman, R.C.; Madejski, G. M.; Makino, F.; Marscher, A.P.; McHardy, I.M.; Webb, J. R.; Aldering, G. S.; Aller, M. F.; Aller, H. D.; Backman, D.E.; Balonek, T.J.; Boltwood, P.; Bonnell, J.; Caplinger, J.; Celotti, A.; Collmar, W.; Dalton, J.; Drucker, A.; Falomo, R.; Fichtel, C.E.; Freudling, W.; Gear, W.K.; Gonzalez-Perez, N.; Hall, P.; Inoue, H.; Johnson, W. N.; Kidger, M. R.; Kollgaard, R. I.; Kondo, Y.; Kurfess, J.; Lawson, A.J.; McCollum, B.; McNaron-Brown, K.; Nair, D.; Penton, S.; Pesce, J. E.; Pohl, M.; Raiteri, C.M.; Renda, M.; Robson, E.I.; Sambruna, R.M.; Schirmer, A. F.; Shrader, C.; Sikora, M.; Sillanpää, A.; Smith, P.S.; Stevens, Jason; Stocke, J.; Takalo, L.O.; Teräsranta, H.; Thompson, D.J.; Thompson, R.; Tornikoski, M.; Tosti, G.; Turcotte, P.; Treves, A.; Unwin, S.C.; Valtaoja, E.; Villata, M.; Wagner, S.J.; Xu, W.; Zook, A. C. (American Institute of Physics, 1997-05-01)
      We report CGRO, RXTE, ASCA, ROSAT, IUE, HST and ground-based observations of a large flare in 3C 279 in February 1996. X-rays and γ-rays peaked simultaneously (within one day). We show simultaneous spectral energy distributions ...
    • Multiwavelength optical observations of two chromospherically active binary systems: V789 Mon and GZ Leo 

      Galvez, M.C.; Montes, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M.J.; De Castro, E.; Cornide, M. (2009)
    • Multiwavelength Raman lidar observations of particle growth during long-range transport of forest-fire smoke in the free troposphere 

      Mueller, D.; Mattis, I.; Ansmann, A.; Wandinger, U.; Ritter, C.; Kaiser, D. (2007-03-02)
      We present particle effective radii and Angstrom exponents of aged free-tropospheric forest-fire smoke. The particle plumes were observed with different multiwavelength Raman lidars downwind of the fires that burned in ...
    • A multiwavelength study of star formation in the vicinity of galactic H II region Sh 2-100 

      Samal, M.R.; Pandey, A.K.; Ojha, D.K.; Ghosh, S.K.; Kulkarni, V.K.; Kusakabe, N.; Tamura, M.; Bhatt, B.C.; Thompson, M.A.; Sagar, R. (2010)
      We present multiwavelength investigation of morphology, physical-environment, stellar contents, and star formation activity in the vicinity of star-forming region Sh 2-100. It is found that the Sh 2-100 region contains ...
    • A multiwavelength study of the AM Herculis-type binary 2A 0311-227 

      Bailey, J.; Hough, J.; Axon, D.J.; Gatley, I.; Lee, T.J.; Szkody, P.; Stokes, G.; Berriman, G. (1982)
    • Multiyear aerosol observations with dual-wavelength Raman lidar in the framework of EARLINET 

      Mattis, I.; Ansmann, A.; Mueller, D.; Wandinger, U.; Althausen, D. (2004-07-10)
      For the first time, a Raman lidar operating simultaneously in the ultraviolet (UV) and in the visible wavelength range was employed to measure vertical profiles of volume extinction coefficients of particles at 355 and 532 ...
    • Mundane Heterosexualities : from theory to practices 

      Hockey, Jenny; Meah, Angela; Robinson, Victoria (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)
    • Mung-bean nuclease 1 (EC 

      Sharp, A.J.; Walker, John (1993)
      Mung-bean nuclease 1 was first purified by Sung and Laskowski (1) in 1962 from mung-bean sprouts (Phaseolus aureus). It belongs to the class of enzymes EC, which has a preference for single-stranded nucleic acid ...
    • Municipal solid waste characterization and its assessment for potential methane generation: A case study 

      Mor, S.; Ravindra, K.; De Visscher, A.; Dahiya, R.P.; Chandra, A. (2006)
    • The Murchison Widefield Array Commissioning Survey : A Low-Frequency Catalogue of 14,110 Compact Radio Sources over 6,100 Square Degrees 

      Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Morgan, John; Wayth, Randall B.; Hancock, Paul J.; Bell, Martin E.; Bernardi, Gianni; Bhat, Ramesh; Briggs, Frank; Deshpande, Avinash A.; Ewall-Wice, Aaron; Feng, Lu; Hazelton, Bryna J.; Hindson, Luke; Jacobs, Daniel C.; Kudryavtseva, David L. Kaplan Nadia; Lenc, Emil; McKinley, Benjamin; Mitchell, Daniel; Pindor, Bart; Procopio, Pietro; Oberoi, Divya; Offringa, André; Ord, Stephen; Riding, Jennifer; Bowman, Judd D.; Cappallo, Roger; Corey, Brian; Emrich, David; Gaensler, B. M.; Goeke, Robert; Greenhill, Lincoln; Hewitt, Jacqueline; Johnston-Hollitt, Melanie; Kasper, Justin; Kratzenberg, Eric; Lonsdale, Colin; Lynch, Mervyn; McWhirter, Russell; Morales, Miguel F.; Morgan, Edward; Prabu, Thiagaraj; Rogers, Alan; Roshi, Anish; Shankar, Udaya; Srivani, K.; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Tingay, Steven; Waterson, Mark; Webster, Rachel; Whitney, Alan; Williams, Andrew; Williams, Chris (2014-11-14)
      We present the results of an approximately 6,100 square degree 104--196MHz radio sky survey performed with the Murchison Widefield Array during instrument commissioning between 2012 September and 2012 December: the Murchison ...